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What is looking ahead?

What is looking ahead? - An overview of your new account

Keeping it Current - Always provide the most up-to-date information

Keeping it Current:

Smart estate plans constantly evolve and therefore require updates every year. There are essential life stage updates to be considered, whether for young families, mature families or those approaching retirement. Significant events such as changes in your marital status, beneficiaries, and/or Executor(s) need to be updated and recorded in order for your wishes to be realized.

To this end, Looking Ahead has created notification categories:

1. Personal reminders, which include:

  (a) a personal dashboard to summarize your progress;

  (b) push notifications reminding you:

  (i) about milestones

  (ii) about partial or incomplete sections

  (iii) to add new family members to your Looking Ahead information (eg. spouse, children or grandchildren)

2. Inform your professionals. Looking Ahead can;

  (a) in the event of your incapacitation, alert your Power(s) of Attorney

  (b) in the event of your passing, alert your Executor(s)

  (c) in the event of your passing, alert your financial advisor, estate lawyer, insurance broker, funeral home and accountant to get a head start processing your documents for your executor

Passing the Baton - Who you can designate to have access to your account

Passing the Baton is looking ahead’s way of granting read-only access to your virtual looking ahead guide. Your Power(s) of Attorney and/or Executor(s) will be in a position to access your information in a timely manner. When you create your account, you will select a minimum of two trusted “Authenticators” who, when the time comes, will either inform or confirm your incapacitation or passing away to looking ahead. Your Authenticators should be people you trust (e.g. a family member, close friend or professional) who will each be given a unique 8 digit alpha numeric code.

This is how it works:

  1. One of the selected Authenticators will enter his/her unique code, informing looking ahead of a change in your status

  2. Looking ahead will then email the other Authenticator(s) requesting confirmation of the change

  3. A second Authenticator enters his/her unique code to confirm your status

  4. In the event of your incapacitation, looking ahead will email your Power(s) of Attorney and grant read-only access to the relevant section of your looking ahead guide

  5. In the event of your passing away, looking ahead will email your Executor(s) and grant read-only access to the relevant sections of your looking ahead guide

Your Authenticators will not have access to your looking ahead guide unless you have named them as your Power(s) of Attorney and/or Executor(s). You decide when your Authenticators will learn about your looking ahead guide and when they will be given their unique code.

Binder - Store a hardcopy of your Estate Affairs and Wishes in an elegant binder

For added security and peace of mind, print a hard copy of your entire profile to store in your custom looking ahead binder.

In one dignified and organized package, safely cache your instructions, notarized & original documents, and anything else you would like to be passed on to your Power(s) of Attorney in the event of your incapacitation; and to your Executor(s) in the event of your passing away.

Print all or individual sections as you update information and keep your looking ahead guide current over the years

Protect your original documents and identification from damage with durable plastic inserts that are provided in each section

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