Our Story

This is Cellflare

As a software development company, Cellflare helps startups and established companies build successful, scalable products that users adopt. Our strength lies in our dedicated, dynamic teams of visionary minds who excel in Web, Mobile, Big Data, Testing, and DevOps.

Our goal is to become a part of your team and go the distance to customize your project to your needs. It isn’t just about coding for us; we get to the core of your solution to unlock the true power of your software. This is where your business evolves into something better.

Helping you move fast by working together

When working with us, you focus on your business while we crush development from vision to launch. We create scalable, dedicated teams packed with senior-level talent to ensure your project moves at the pace you need in today’s dynamic market.

We never compromise on the quality of our teams. We only hire the best developers who embrace our clients’ mindset – i.e. move quickly, innovate and always find a way to build the vision into reality.


At Cellflare, we leverage what web and mobile development services can do today. We help you see beyond conventional apps and websites so you can spearhead disruptive solutions with rock-solid backends and intuitive UIs. We are about helping you change the playing field in your industry.

Front End

We obsess about UX from your project’s inception and continuously tailor that experience to the evolving needs of your users. With your vision in mind, we blend design and expertise to save development time and build secure, feature-rich, yet simple interfaces which empower users to execute quickly and easily. We never forget your ultimate goal – adoption.

Back End

Our customized back-end interfaces give you true control and autonomy. We deliver turnkey solutions with intuitive interfaces you can manage painlessly regardless of whether you’re updating content, managing users or analysing big data.

Let’s Do Something

From start up to blue chip, we treat every project as if it was our own.
Hire your dream team today.

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