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Who we Are

Cellflare is mobile app and web development company specialising in delivering a mobile on demand application platform. For over a decade, Cellflare has created and delivered innovative solutions for multitude of industries. This business opportunity is focused on generating prospects for our mobile on demand platform directed to delivering an end-to-end turn-key solution for businesses wanting enter the mobile on demand space.


Our Solution
Customer App
Service Provider App

While the online marketplace for the sale and delivery of goods is saturated, the corresponding marketplace for services remains comparatively untouched with only a few major players cornering niche sectors. Indeed, the on demand services industry offers one of the best opportunities for growth, if you can bring your solution to market before the competition.

We have developed a mobile solution which can create the entire mobile infrastructure for an online services marketplace in any industry - and we can do it in less than 45 days. How does it work? We use a pre-built, comprehensive front and back-end mobile template to build apps customized to any market or industry - i.e. everything from personal care to home maintenance. Once launched, service providers and customers download the app where they can market, browse and transact with each other paying a service fee for each transaction.

This truly is a turn-key solution including intuitive on-boarding, detailed service-provider marketing profiles, booking logic, payment integration, review/ratings systems with full back-end control.


Working with Us

Channel Partners work closely with us to proactively seek opportunities where they have a presence, networks and a good knowledge of the unique on demand opportunity and mobile industry.

We are looking for established businesses with access to substantial opportunities and market channels or an ability to drive demand for our on demand platform via marketing efforts. We look for potential partners that meet the following criteria:

  • A business with clients interested in entering the on-demand mobile space.
  • The partner will not compete directly within the target market with a similar product.
  • Professional business acumen with an ability to engage prospects and develop business opportunities. That means a good balance of entrepreneurship and expertise in the mobile space and the ability to engage with opportunities both strategically and operationally. We expect potential partners to have an excellent relationship with their customers.
  • A willingness to work with the Cellflare Channel Partner Network to progress opportunities and provide visibility on progress.
  • The sales resources to follow up and track opportunities.


Your Company's Role

The Channel Partner’s role is to generate leads. This will require the education and allocation of sales and marketing capability. In the start-up mode, Cellflare will need to work closely with the Channel Partner to build capability. Cellflare provides the basic technical proposal outlines and financial costing details, along with detailed marketing material.

The Channel Partner conducts the full pre-sales cycle with on-site customer meetings and presentations. There may need to be some pre-sales attendances with Cellflare team members to deliver presentations and answer specific questions on product performance, integration and implementation. Once a prospect is properly qualified, Cellflare normally operates the remaining elements of the sale to closing.

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