Excelling as a Seller in the On-Demand Space

How do you price and market your services as seller in an on-demand platform?  If you’re in the same marketplace as hundreds of other home-repair contractors who fix decks, clean eavestroughs and change light fixtures, what separates you from the … Read More

A Crash Course in the Importance of App Metrics

Tracking your app’s performance including your user’s engagement, satisfaction and acquisition are critical to measuring its success.  Let’s take look at these metrics and how you can make your app’s data work for you. User Engagement User Engagement metrics disclose … Read More


I believe professional success hinges on two things more than anything else; delivering on time and exceeding expectations.  Life as a project manager adds another dimension – i.e. coordinating and controlling your teams to ensure they do the same. The … Read More

How Often do you have to Update your App?

Regular app updates maintain iOS/Android OS compatibility, security, fix bugs, and keep your app relevant in a rapidly evolving  landscape.  How often should you update to meet these needs without fatiguing your users? Monthly Updates with a Catch Most agree … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Market an App?

So you’re building the ultimate on-demand platform for an under-serviced marketplace where you provide excellent value for your buyers and sellers.  Even with strategy and development on point,  you ‘ll need a marketing budget to drive Apple App and Google … Read More

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