Logistics – A Successful On-Demand Trend

You want to launch an awesome on-demand solution, but how do you attract the necessary venture capital funding to get it off the ground? In short, you need to prove that your idea will work.  In this post, we will … Read More

Toronto Crime Stoppers Launches SecureDrop in Feb 2019

We recently launched a new website for Toronto Crime Stoppers to inform the public about their initiatives and supplementing their anonymous tip platforms with a new, highly-secure reporting channel: SecureDrop. Toronto Crime Stoppers recognizes that whistleblowing is vital to holding … Read More

Your On-Demand App and Regulatory Compliance

Developing an on-demand app is an exciting and rewarding venture that you can launch  on a small budget, but you must be aware of several legal and regulatory issues to protect yourself and your end-users.  This post explores several key … Read More

GDPR Compliance – Not just an EU concern

The European Union’s General Data Protection  Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May of 2018 bringing with it host of obligations imposed on any company with dealings in the EU.  The GDPR is raising privacy expectations of companies worldwide.  Indeed, … Read More

The Importance of End to End Encryption

Encrypted communications are everywhere, from online banking to  chat apps like WhatsApp.  Put simply, encryption scrambles a communication or data transfer to stop people other than its intended recipient from reading it if they intercept it. Today’s end-to-end encryption is … Read More

The Hosting Trilogy – Servers Storage and Bandwidth

When designing a business plan for an on demand application, you must account for the costs of the hosting infrastructure where your application’s data will be stored, served and transferred.  Imagine thousands of users utilizing the storage requirements of your … Read More

About Bugs

Bugs! No matter how many times coders swear they will stop writing bugs, those ubiquitous creatures keep surfacing.  Even with layers of testing defenses, inevitably, bugs make it into production, where users can experience them.  The solution?  Have contingency plans … Read More


Is your app ready for the future?  We’re talking about scalability, which refers to your app’s ability to handle the increasing demands of a growing user-base and integrate the new features and updates it will need to stay relevant. Test … Read More

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