Five Reasons Customers Are Using On-Demand Apps

Knowing the five main reasons why buyers prefer to use on demand apps

The use of on-demand apps is on the rise in Canada. Not sure what an on-demand app is?  Look here.  Clearly there are advantages to sellers and service providers who see these platforms as a way to cut through the red tape and eliminate overhead, but what makes platforms like Airbnb and Uber attractive to buyers?  Here are five of the most popular reasons. The Big Five
  1. Convenience. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to get the service you want at the exact time you want it. Do you need a mechanic to come to your home and change your oil? Or do you need some happy meals delivered so you don’t have to fiddle with car seats and kids’ winter clothing? The speed of delivery factors into that convenience with many services being delivered within an hour or less from the time of order. On-demand apps are the ultimate in customer convenience.
  2. Price. There is an old saying that convenience costs more, but with on-demand apps, that isn’t always the case.  Uber is almost always less costly than calling a cab and you can find some great deals on Airbnb. Even with some of the lesser-known platforms, customers can frequently get lower prices because the mechanics, hair stylists, massage therapists, etc.that offer services on them don’t have the high overhead that they would have if you were to see them at their garage, salon or clinic.
  3. Variety of services. When you go beyond ride sharing and accommodation sharing apps, you can find some really unique offerings in the on-demand space. Looking for a hair stylist or a massage therapist that is willing to come to your home? How about someone to help you move heavy objects or do your laundry? You can find all those services via on-demand apps.
  4. Unique experiences. In today’s economy, customers value customization. On demand apps allow sellers to provide unique experiences that customers can’t get through larger chains. Airbnb is a classic example of this as it allows travellers to “live like a local.” Other examples of customization might be home personal trainers that specialize in sport specific workouts or workouts that cater to individuals with certain injuries or medical conditions.
  5. Supporting the local economy. When customers buy services from larger brick and mortar companies, they never know how much of what they are paying is going to a head office in another city. When they make purchases through an on-demand app, they know that the bulk of the money is supporting a local entrepreneur. After all, almost all of us know someone who is driving an Uber to make extra cash to support their family!
When an on-demand app can offer customers convenience at a good price along with some unique experiences that they want, then the value proposition of using an on-demand app becomes self-evident.    

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