How Important Are Reviews to On-Demand Apps?

If you are considering becoming a seller on an on-demand app, you may be wondering how important it is to get good reviews from your buyer. And if you are thinking of having an app developed for an on-demand business, you may even be wondering whether it is important to include a review feature at all.

So we’ll cut straight to the chase. The answer is that reviews on on-demand apps are VERY important.

Why do Reviews Matter on On-demand Apps?

If you’ve ever researched a product or service online whether it be through a mega site like amazon or the local pizza joint down the street , you probably read at least a couple of reviews before making your purchase decision. If you did this, you are not alone. According to research, 97% of consumers look up local companies online and 85% of these consumers put as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations from friends.

When an on-demand seller has an abundance of good reviews, it gives them legitimacy in the eyes of a potential buyer. Good reviews are a way to instantly gain trust. Some on-demand apps have found creative ways to reward sellers who receive a certain volume of good reviews. Airbnb for example, awards the title of Superhost. When an Airbnb seller earns the title of Superhost, it can help them attract even more business than they did previously.

How to Reward Sellers on Your On-Demand App

But in addition to rewarding sellers for good reviews, several on-demand apps also punish sellers for poor reviews. A little known fact of Airbnb and Uber is that if a seller gets enough poor reviews, they can actually be kicked off the platform. The policy of the apps to take this course of action helps to preserve the integrity of the app itself so that when buyers use the app, they can expect a certain level in the quality of service.

True On-Demand Reviews or Fake News?

A major distinction between reviews on on-demand apps and reviews on other online platforms is that for a buyer to make a review of a seller on an on-demand app, they must actually have made a purchase. The same cannot be said for other platforms such as Facebook or Google reviews.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that many people trust online reviews, a business that gets a true bad review on platforms such as Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor can easily bury that review in a sea of fake good reviews. Likewise, a disgruntled employee or someone with an axe to grind can also damage the reputation of a business that otherwise tends to get positive reviews. In fact, according to statistics, 79% percent of consumers believe they have read at least one fake review last year, with 25% saying they believe they have read a lot of them.

This is not the case with on-demand app reviews. Because the reviewer must be verified as a real buyer, there is a lot less opportunity for tampering with reviews.

How to Get Good Reviews on an On-Demand App

Now that you know the importance of good reviews if you to earn an income as an on-demand seller, here are a few tips for helping you get them:

  • Be professional. Remember, you are there to serve the buyer so you should show up on-time, have a clean appearance and be friendly and courteous.
  • Ask for reviews! If you know the buyer is happy with your service, don’t be afraid to ask them for a positive review. They won’t mind – really!
  • Pay attention to what past reviewers have already said. If you do get some negative feedback, try to determine if there is something you can do to avoid that same feedback with future buyers.
  • Respond to reviews. If the app allows you respond to reviews, you should do it. This shows other potential buyers that you are listening to what clients have to say.

As a seller on an on-demand app, having good reviews can be one of your most important marketing tools – so pay attention and do what you can to ensure you have satisfied customers.

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  • I leave a review for every single app I download – positive, negative, you name it! This way, developers know how I feel about their work.

  • I’ve heard of something called ‘review bombing’ where people will leave many negative reviews on your app for no reason…is there any way to combat this?

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