How to Find Sellers for Your On-Demand App

Building an online marketplace for your app can be really challenging. It’s hard to get sellers before you have any buyers, but it’s darn near impossible to get buyers before you have any sellers. And that’s why most marketplaces start by recruiting sellers. But how do you convince those sellers to provide their product or service through your app and let you take a commission?

Your exact approach is going to differ based on the market niche that you are trying to fill, but there are a few best practices and approaches that you can look to.  You should also have a look at our related post about OnBoarding Sellers.

Save the Seller Money

Can you charge the seller a fee and still be able to save them money? Perhaps. It is well known that Uber Eats charges the restaurants that they service 30% of the receipt total but this doesn’t stop those restaurants from using the app. Why? Because that 30% is often a fraction of what it would cost them to have drivers on staff.

Make the Seller Money

In addition to saving money on drivers, restaurants and other retailers that use delivery service apps have the opportunity to expand their market. How many times have you had a hankering for food from a specific restaurant but didn’t get it because your desire to be a home body was greater? With on-demand apps, these same restaurants can increase their sales.

And the same goes for individual service providers that market their services through on-demand apps. The app connects them with a much wider audience than they would have been able to find on their own.

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