Identifying and Rewarding Your On-Demand App’s Best Sellers

Why it’s important to acknowledge and reward the top service providers

on your on-demand app

Despite all the work you’ll put into creating, launching and maintaining your on-demand app, never forget that its success hinges on the quality of the sellers who populate it to provide their services to your customers. You need to maintain quality control by tracking metrics measuring their sales other KPIs.  You’d be surprised at how many make the mistake of ignoring this data.  Ensure your developers builds the right reporting tools into the backend in order to track the following:
  • Sales volume by variable time periods;
  • Average fulfillment times;
  • Rating averages with flagging for complaints and poor performers; and
  • Response times to purchase requests.
  You should consider a rating system giving buyers the opportunity to give a rating and feedback about the quality of their experience.  Most importantly, it’ll tell you which sellers you should retain and reward.  When it comes to rewarding your top sellers you could take a smaller percentage from their overall sales or design your app to highlight the top performers.  Conversely, make sure that you’re also using metrics to identify sub-standard performers and re-evaluate their presence on your app.

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