Managing your on-demand marijuana app: what’s involved?

When it comes to developing an on-demand pick-up app for your marijuana dispensary, the actual development and release of the app is only part of the battle. Moving forward, you’ll need to manage all facets of your app, including future updates, OS compliancy, and many other moving pieces that are crucial to your app running smoothly and your users remaining happy.

The important thing to remember is that managing your app will be an ongoing process, so we can’t stress this enough: don’t enter into this lightly!

Choosing the products and categories to be featured

Running a marijuana dispensary means that you’ll be the one who decides what is available for sale to your customers, and the same is true when you develop an on-demand app. You’ll need to be responsible for the descriptions of various strains, categories of products, photos of all available products, and also ensuring that all information displayed is accurate and grammatically correct. If your app looks half-assed, your business will suffer because of it, and we offer you all the tools you’ll need to ensure that your app remains up-to-date and easily accessible.

Inventory management

If you’re a regular user of a food delivery app – Uber Eats, for example – chances are that you’ve seen certain menu items listed as ‘sold out’ when you’ve gone to order food before. If your dispensary is out of a certain product, such as a particular strain of marijuana, you need to go into your app’s backend and mark it as such to prevent confusion and disappointment from your customers.

Accuracy leads to no room for error

In addition to making sure your inventory is properly managed, you’ll need to keep the prices listed on your on-demand app accurate and updated as necessary. For example, if someone buys an ounce of marijuana using your app and comes into pick it up, only to see that the price quoted on the app was inaccurate, you run the risk of that customer being unhappy and taking their business elsewhere. In other words – always manage your app for the most up-to-date accuracy!

Track sales and access reports

Any on-demand app worth its salt will give the manager access to a wealth of data and reports – without these, any success you achieve will be nothing more than a shot in the dark. You need reporting tools to keep an eye on your sales trends, and also to keep track of all transaction histories. Be sure to refer to this data on a regular basis in order to make the most out of the overall experience.

In closing

As we said in the opening paragraph, developing an on-demand app for your dispensary isn’t the end of the work that you’ll need to do – far from it, in fact! Follow these tips and continue to work hard after your app is launched, and you’ll be guaranteed to get the most out of it.

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  • Looking at the way that the idiot Doug Ford is handling the legal marijuana rollout, we can likely never expect apps like this to happen. I can’t believe anyone would ever vote PC – they are fools!

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