Push messages. What are they? And how can they help your on-demand app?

Taking advantage of Push Messages

A PUSH MESSAGE is a notification that appears on your mobile device.  They look like SMS text messages, but only reach users who have downloaded an app and opted to receive them.  Push messages are sent by the app publisher for a number of reasons.

Notification Frameworks

If you are planning to build an on-demand app, developing a PUSH MESSAGE notification framework is a critical communication component.  Imagine all the interactions between the buyers and sellers that require communication!  It would be incredibly inefficient customers, sellers and support  had to call or text for every step.  Also of note, PUSH MESSAGES allow you to help your users navigate your user experience when certain actions are executed by users or have them sent at pre-determined events.  For  example, your pizza has arrived!

They Do More than you May Realize

When you develop your on-demand app, insist on having the ability to send PUSH MESSAGES.  Beyond the ability of having your buyers and sellers communicate with each other, you can also send out broadcast messages to your community as required.  And since PUSH MESSAGES cannot be caught in any spam filter, you can be assured that your message was delivered and at the very least appeared on the front screen of a mobile device for a brief time.  Last but not least, one final benefit of a PUSH MESSAGES is that they have the ability to notify users with a sound to their device as well!

PUSH MESSAGE functionality is typically an ad on featured to your mobile app. Considering the benefits that it can bring, it should be a cost that is well worth investing in!  For a more advanced discussion of notification frameworks, we invite you to read our post here.


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  • Need assistance please, my Samsung phone won’t allow me to turn push notifications to the on, please tell me how I can enable the feature

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