The Coolest On-Demand Food-Delivery Apps

Nothing exemplifies the new on-demand economy better than food-delivery apps.  Users love the incredible variety, beautiful interfaces and insta-click convenience gateway to delicious restaurant quality food.

When you’re hungry, what beats an app listing hundreds of restaurants who will serve culinary bliss to your taste buds without having to relinquish your couch potato status!  Let’s take a look at the leading food delivery apps of 2019!


Uber Eats

Uber Eats App-10

What food-delivery app list would be complete without the mac-daddy of them all?  Launched in 2014 by Uber, Uber Eats is a truly international provider operating in more cities across the globe than any of its competitors.


Skip the Dishes

Think of Skip the Dishes as the Canadian version of Uber Eats with a sizable presence in a few American cities.  Founded in 2012 and bolstered by significant VC investment, Skip the Dishes was acquired by Just Eat for $200 Million in 2016.



Available on 600+ cities across the US, Seamless’ primary value add is that it foregoes a delivery fees and employs a incredibly simple interface where users can order in just a few easy steps. and allows you to order with just a few clicks.



GrubHub is another monster operating in over 900 cities across the US.  Think of it as a smaller version of Uber Eats, but without the delivery charge which GrubHub takes out of the restaurant’s charges.



DoorDash is a comparatively small to the above apps, only operating in dozens of cities instead of hundreds.  What distinguishes DoorDash is their review system and delight score which encourages better food quality and delivery service.



Postmates delivers more than just food.  They deliver almost anything and simply charge for the service.  They also will pick up from any restaurant because they are strictly a delivery service.  Use Postmates for those small amazing restaurants not available on other food delivery apps.  Postmates is available in over 90 cities in the U.S.IOS ANDROID

Operating dozens of cities across the US, is also delivery service like Postmates where you can have them deliver anything you desire from alcohol to your groceries.  The coolest thing about this app for users, is that the delivery service is free because they take their charge out of party providing the product.  Some restaurants charge a delivery fee and have an order minimum.

Closing Remarks

So what are you waiting for? Whip your phones, start clicking and dig in!

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  • Great stuff! My favourite app to use for food delivery is Uber Eats. Skip the Dishes has given me way too many problems, so I’ll never use them again!

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