Developing your mobile app – How can we help?

How CellFlare can bring your on demand app vision to reality.

How does your development team build your idea into reality?  Let’s take a look at how we do that.

Curious about how to choose a developer?

Our Game-Changing Process

We leverage what mobile development services can do today.  We help you see beyond the conventional, so you can spearhead disruptive solutions with rock-solid backends and intuitive UIs.  We change the playing field through unequalled discovery, design, development and deployment.


This is when we consult with you, experiment, prototype and test until we find what works.  You define the parameters we’ll use to guide your decisions throughout your project to make sure it exceeds your expectations.

We study your industry position in the competitive landscape, target market, user-base and path to your future product state to build a clear vision for your product.


Now we are ready to jump into design together, building repeated iterations of wireframes, storyboards and user flows, applying continuing layers of detail to final polish.  With proper discovery, this process moves quickly into smaller increments until we reach your approval on final specification.

Learn more about choosing the right designed here.


By now, our developers are ready to implement your fully-approved design.    We build all of the frontend templates and backend controls so you can easily manage your app.  We also test for bugs, responsiveness, and analyze the user experience, making sure all proposed designs and functionalities are in place.





Once we have established that your solution perfectly aligns with your goals, we proceed with launch.


For our on-demand platform, this entire process – from the initial introduction, to your app being published in the Apple and Google online stores – can be finished in 45 days.  Our process also allows us to complete customized projects with the speed you need in today’s dynamic marketplace.

If you have an idea, we want to hear from you. Give us a call at 647-478-1947, or fill out the Contact US, and let’s get started!

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