Factors to Consider Before Implementing a New Market

You found success! Now do you look open new markets for your on-

demand app

So you launched a successful on demand platform in your local market.  In many cases, a successful launch in one market means your solution is viable in others.   What should you consider before launching in a new market?

  1. Regulation. One of the reasons Uber launched successfully in many cities but not others is due to local governments banning ride-sharing within their jurisdiction. Indeed, that is why you will not see Uber in several countries across Europe including Hungary, Denmark and Bulgaria.
  2. Original Market Factors.  Before launching in a new marketplace make certain the factors which allowed the original launch marketplace to succeed are also present. For example, is the population density a responsible for the original marketplace’s success extant in the new marketplace?
  3. Demographics. Is the target demographic of your customer base sufficiently represented within the new market? For example, if you were targeting a product or service that focused on students such as birth control, you might want to focus on marketplaces sufficiently populated by students such as university towns.
  4. Socio-cultural considerations. You must always consider the society and culture in which you are proposing to launch your application. It goes without saying that a Dial-a-Bottle service would not succeed in a country observing strict adherence to non-alcoholic consumption.

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