Making my marijuana dispensary cashless – is an on-demand app the answer?

Even though marijuana has only been legal in Canada for a little under two months, we will inevitably reach a point where it is viewed as simply another commodity – in the same vein as things like alcohol and tobacco. Any negative stigma surrounding it will become less and less of an issue as more time passes. It’s important to mention this because in the current market, making a marijuana dispensary cashless may not seem like a viable enterprise. But, as the months and years pass and marijuana becomes a part of everyday life, using an on-demand app to go cashless at your dispensary isn’t as far-fetched as you might think.

“High” level of convenience for the user

Going cashless via an on-demand app means that your customers will have a simple and convenient experience whenever they place and pick-up an order. Once they’ve chosen what they want, they simply need to pay with the credit card that is tied to their on-demand account, without having to worry about bringing cash or another form of payment to the dispensary when they’re picking it up. And because on-demand marijuana apps won’t be able to offer delivery as an option (due to legal restrictions), you’ll want to offer as much convenience as possible in order to keep your customer base strong.

Improved experience for your staff

Customer service isn’t an easy industry to work in even on the best day, and a marijuana dispensary is no different. Between helping customers and making sure that everything is running smoothly, your employees need to be on their toes at all time. A cashless environment means that they won’t have to worry about long, drawn-out transactions and can focus solely on ensuring that your customers are well taken care of. In addition, you’ll greatly lower the possibility of an internal robbery or burglary if there’s no cash on-hand in your dispensary.

A truly data-rich experience

We’ve said this before, but it absolutely bears repeating – one of the the biggest perks of developing an on-demand app for your dispensary is the fact that you’ll get access to data that can greatly improve the way that you run your business. When you go cashless, you’re opening yet another window to a flood of data that you can use to make your app – and by the same token, your dispensary – the very best that it can be.

Don’t live in the past

Let’s face it – it’s 2018, and as more and more businesses choose to go the cashless route, it will soon be the rule and not the exception. With a cashless on-demand app, you’ll ensure that your dispensary is evolving with the times and your customers will see that you’re offering them a convenient and safe experience for purchasing marijuana.

In closing

While going cashless may seem like a bit of a daunting process, having a top-notch on-demand app will ensure that your marijuana dispensary’s business will stay strong and consistent for years to come.

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