Purchasing Considerations for On-Demand Platforms

Should you trust spending on an On demand App

So you enjoy making purchases through on demand platforms for services and products. Do you have anything to worry about?

One primary consideration is the type or brand of on-demand platform you’re using. Are you using a well-established brand such as a Uber or Airbnb or even Netflix or are you using a platform that has no goodwill or established trust in the marketplace?

Another consideration when dealing with on-demand platforms are the individual sellers or service providers.  A seller or service provider who has well-established goodwill confirmed by numerous trusted reviews is certainly an individual that you should feel more comfortable dealing with than a brand new seller who no history. Similarly, you may wish to look at the reviews that are being posted in support of that individual seller.  There are examples of individuals creating accounts in eBay supported by reviews for penny transactions that have no validity whatsoever in order to create a 100% satisfaction status on their eBay seller profile.  Take a very close look at the individual reviews being written in support of a seller. Do those reviews appear legitimate or are they a shilling forum?

Another consideration is the type of product service that you are purchasing. Products that are standardized through numerous channels and of low transaction value bear less risk than a high-ticket item such as an automobile. When you are dealing with higher-ticket items, you are facing a higher risk of fraud because criminal activity is less likely to focus on lower value transactions.  By the same token you also face less rest when dealing with a low-value transaction.

These are just a few considerations you may wish to have when making a decision on whether to use an On Demand platform.


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